Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Art works

 I see you've found my site for some of the things I do in the art areas.This is my place to show you a sample of my work . I hope you enjoy and keep visiting as the site grows.

"Tokyo Diary" is another little A5 diary of artworks which I work on almost daily. Like the ones that come before it, the work is cumulative and reflects my everyday experiences and memories. Each page is worked on spontaneously and largely intuitive although some get a little more anal and message driven. Sometimes I just can’t help myself, it’s so hard not to be judgmental and preacher-like when there are so many situations in our lives we need to be critical of.  They all involve the use of mixed media and collage which allows me to combine often tenuously related subjects , distinct genres and materials.

This is a sample of my most recent little drawings from one of my diaries after a stay in Japan in 07/08.

Hope you enjoy my travel work,


"A crow swallow diving"

"Introduce headwind" (sold)

"Welcome anytime" (sold)


"A quiet headwind"

"Mad e laine"

"Before and After"

"Looks Easy"

"What do you feel?"

"Drawing the Line"

"No PJ's"


"Babinski's socks"

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