Monday, May 16, 2011

boat people




"1972" took me back to Holland to look for my roots. Although it was an extremely interesting and valuable experience, I did not find my roots and left just as firmly rooted to Australia as ever. My unrooting was to happen much later. These were some of the last in "Margins" and prompted by the boat people dilema facing our politicians.


sheryl said...

These caused me to reassess my views and consider my perspective. To find one's roots or transplant successfully, one needs equal measures of adaptability and goodwill. Individuals and governments struggle with this. Not always smooth sailing. Thanks, Jack!

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Sheryl, In my case, a hitherto unknown relative, a half brother of my fathers made all the difference to help me make the connection later in my life.I now feel just that little bit Dutch.Jack

ersi marina said...

It feels as if you were a water plant, dragging your roots across the oceans. A bit dizzying but then freedom always is. Dizzying and uncertain. I really like these pieces!