Friday, June 3, 2011

bell pepper

bell pepper

Another breathless cloudless winter's morning in the garden simply glorious. Jenny helped pull out the rosellas and harvest some tumeric . I will use some fresh but cut and dry most of it to grind into a powder later as needed. The smell and flavour are to die for.
The bed is almost ready for my next crop of spring onions, english spinach (the chinese spinach - amaranth was not popular apart from our chinese neighbour), and some asian greens. Finally achieved a ripe bell pepper and now am a little unsure how to eat it. I think it will be like a mishappen capsicum, sweet and crunch rather than searing hot like my Thai chillies. Will let you know soon.

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rObfOs said...

Hey Yackity Yack, nice to see you out in the garden on a glorious winters day. Am keeping my distance as I have the flu (blah!). Have changed the settings on my blog so hopefully you will be able to comment. XR