Tuesday, November 1, 2011

little books stranded

All my remaining little "Fish Books" are now listed on micro , (my first attempt at setting up an online store) with some of my other little books.Give me some feedback for the chance to receive some complimentary copies (3 left).


rObfOs said...

Hi Jack, am very disappointed - have been trying for days now but for some reason my computer just won't load the Madeit site so am unable to visit your Micro store and see all your goodies. Very sad. XR

Jack Oudyn said...

How sad! Have you tried www.madeit.com/micro ? Or if you type madeit into your search engine? Look in stores for micro. I hope your problem is not widespread, or I might have to give it the flick.

rObfOs said...

Unfortunately have tried both your suggestions. Maybe it is the bush telegraph internet connection we seem to have out here! XR

Angela said...

Can't get that link to work either. Did a bit of poking around and found there is a bit missing off the link. Should have .au at the end. This link works.


Love Fish Book 4 - Out of Water. Looks great :-)