Tuesday, December 6, 2011


"instructions in case of non-delivery"

Finally, after a couple of duds, this year's personal hand-made Christmas card has been completed (mixed media - wax, pigment, chinagraph and shellac on handmade japanese  paper (washi) for the original). We're having a small well deserved break in NZ and going to my niece's wedding in Rotorua  so I need to get my cards away before we go. Rather like thinking about the arabic script taken from a postal package - "instructions in case of non-delivery" . Could apply to the birth of Jesus, or the bringing of gifts by the three wise men. I wonder how those instructions would pan out? Although only special friends get my editioned cards, I could stretch the friendship if you contact me soon.


rObfOs said...

Konichiwa from Kyoto Jack San, having a lovely time here in Japan (just found a great little art supply store in suburban Kinkakaju), hope you and Jenny have a great time in the land of the long white cloud. XrObfOs

Jack Oudyn said...

Great to see you're having such a good time. We head off on Friday but I won't be blogging (I hope).Hopefully walking around Lake Taupo but I will pack my trusty v.diary. If you have time and space keep a lookout for some washi paper for me. It's often made in tiny A6 size sheets.You'll have your own version of this years card in the mail when you get home.Cheers

rObfOs said...

Hey Jack, quick blog-in before my head hits the pillow after many, many miles of walking. Have been using the laptop to download all the photo's we are taking each day (four cameras, so lots of images!), so have quickly and briefly been checking the blog. Will see if I can find you some washi paper on my travels. Looking forward to my designer xmas card when I get home. xR