Tuesday, February 14, 2012


what war brides are wearing

Back from a great little trip to Sydney to suck up some inspiration from Picasso and coincidently, Love Lace at the PowerHouse.Came across this little work  which I did a few years back and thought I'd give it some air(it almost connects with thoughts of my week away). Found this great little luggage label which has a great sense of history, to go with the old newspaper heading although they don't quite match chronologically.
I've been working with wax again and also photos mixed with printmaking ,exploring for my little book. What a lovely mess and only little reward. Never mind even - finding out what doesn't work is just as useful as what does. I've had a bit of inspiration from a very good workshop with Glen Skein and working on some other little books as well.

drawing V

My wax drawings inspired by crab tracks in the sand have a surface quality I hope I can use in my BOA book so the frying pan is smokin! again.


Morna said...

Nice to discover your blog, Jack.

Jack Oudyn said...

I'm happy you found me although goodness knows how. I don't get many visitors. Hope you were able to have a good look around. Thanks for leaving a comment.