Sunday, March 18, 2012


from "singing"

Just posted off my first copy of my new zine "singing". It's a little folded page of 8 rather intense singers done originally on tracing paper so that some of the images would show through, giving an animated feel. Didn't work so copied it onto opaque paper. I think they're still rather animated and would probably not make it to the Sydney Opera House. Send me your address and I'll send you one, that will give them a small audience which will make them happy.


ersi marina said...

Oh, I can't pass up on this offer. I guess you need and email address?

And so much the worse for the Sydney Opera, btw!

Judith Hoffman said...

Jack - I just found your blog through the comments on Amanda Watson-Will's blog. I love your drawings, the color, texture, feeling of activity. I'm sure there is a better word, but anyway, I'm so glad I found this blog. I'm sorry I missed your fish book zines on MadeIt = looks like you don't have anything listed there right now. Too bad for me. I would *love* to have a copy of the singers zine. My email:
artATjudithhoffmanDOTnet. Thanks!

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Judith. Could you email me your postal address please, the zine is not digital although that would be a good idea. All my little books and more are on my etsy store
Hope this finds it for you otherwise click on etsy on my blog.