Thursday, July 12, 2012

relations and friends

song for Tamara

Tam's increasing rain

It always amazes me how important an appreciative audience is to our art practice. Even though most artists work largely for themselves and not for popular acclaim, it's always nice to be appreciated. As Monet said "the best compliment someone can give you, is to buy your art."

Some of the framed images from the artist books "Re-Medial" and "Drawings to Cy" in "Mind Mapping" were not available singly as I didn't want to break up a collection of related work. There was however, a lot of interest in these more abstract images and several purchase enquiries were made to gallery staff.

I have been working in this direction for a while and have been able to offer some work to interested patrons.

So now I have some new drawings to give my niece in Melbourne, Tamara, and my friend Wim de Vos in West End Brisbane who will use his in one of his perspex constructions. I hope they meet their expectations.

i'll pay you for that


Helen M said...

Fantastic Jack that you've been so busy since you got back from holidays working on pieces for your appreciative audience. I'm busy too working on a commission I need to get done asap but will be in touch soon about those little treasures of yours that I'm dying to own.

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Helen,look forward to meeting.Just let me know when you're not so busy and fully recovered.