Tuesday, August 20, 2013


current pick of the crop

We have been very lucky with superb"winter" weather and the vege garden has been bountiful.

It's starting to warm up for Spring and the new seedlings will take off. Gardening in this weather is hard to beat.


Amanda said...

Well done! Is that tumeric or ginger I spy there Jack?

Helen M said...

Those veges look pretty perfect and delicious Jack. The weather has been great this year for the vege garden.

Jack Oudyn said...

Well spotted Amanda. It is tumeric. Shall I save some for your garden?
Yes Helen,the veges I photographed look pretty perfect but most are not as they are organically grown and the grubs sometimes have a nibble.

Ersi Marina Samara said...

Hmm, very appetizing. Cooling down for autumn here, I was looking forward to it.