Sunday, March 16, 2014

witch hat?

Finally I've managed to get back to finish a little projectsI started a while ago after a short trip to Japan. 
I had posted many of the different "hat" photos which I found interesting but have now got back to them to edit some and make them into a small zine to share with others. I have been interested in watching witches hats in different situations here for quite a while and  they often appear in my mixed media drawings. 

"nagano set" from visual diary 2013

"earthquake and tsunami" from V. Diary 2013

Although we see these useful control apparatus all over the world , usually associated with road works or construction, they seemed much more popular in Japan especially used in more domestic situations. They come in many more colours and are easily available at hardware stores. 
"Witch Hat? shows some of these hats in different locations for you to ponder over but also refers to the well known problem solver and parallel thinker Dr Edward De Bono and one of his famous role playing games of wearing different hats.

I hope these images trigger some imaginative narratives you may like to share. The cover image I think was the most remarkable, almost surreal, particularly in the uncropped version.

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