Saturday, January 24, 2015

post holidays

Even though I've been retired from regular employment for many years, it seems impossible to get any work done in the Christmas break like in the rest of the year. Art work I mean, there's plenty of grandchildren and domestic work to wear me out. So with Australia Day approaching, and the school hols almost over, it feels good to get back to more regular creative work.

I promised to give a few details about this little series of drawings so here goes. I made the little book from an old cover of a cancelled library book and sewed in some kraft paper (again). The drawings are little design exercises and don't have any real meaning although some of the found text seems appropriate.

They all use pretty much the same or related mixed media and collage material. Bits of this years Christmas card, old notes and pianola rolls combine to give a feeling of travel and movement. I used two new things I had never tried before. The photo packing tape transfers and drawing with a nib with gouache instead of ink.

I still have another dozen or so little pages waiting for more work and I'll pick up the book again when I have an hour or so to spend waiting for my legs to settle. I always seem to have a few little books or zines on the go at the same time. My more serious artist books generally need a block of several hours to make any headway. I have to keep reminding myself that this year - No procrastination! 


Carole Reid said...

Procrastination has been creeping in here too. It's been wonderful to catch up on what you've been making and growing. Now, get back to work!!

Helen M said...

You are the only person I know Jack who can be too busy to get any work done, but still manage to do so. Another wonderful little book in progress - the pen drawing in gouache looks great.

Jacobus (Jack) Oudyn said...

Thanks Carol and Helen. The drawings on the Kraft in those particular colours are a bit "Chancey" don't you think Helen?

susan bowers said...

Love what you are doing here Jack. Really looking forward to meeting you on Monday too.