Monday, March 30, 2015

Manly Library Artist Book Award - The List of Acquisitions Announced

"Chance" a collaborative artist book by Helen Malone and 

myself has been chosen as one of the nine acquired at the

 Manly Library Artist Book Award. The full list is below, 

congratulations everyone!

Check out an earlier post for more images and information.

24th March to 12th April

Manly Library
Market Place
Manly NSW 2095

The 2015 judges Helen Cole and Steven Miller opened the exhibition and announced the acquisitions; nine works were selected for purchase and inclusion in our permanent collection.

·         'Chance' by Helen Malone and Jack Oudyn | 2014 
·         'According to Plan' by Rob Kovitz | 2014
·         'The One Who Stopped' by Caren Florance | 2014 
·         'Country' by Bronwyn Rees | 2014 
·         'The Book of Asylum' by Bernard Appassamy | 2013 
·         'Collected Dead Letters, Volume 2 by Elizabeth Banfield |             2014 
·         'A Journey from One Reality to Another' by Mark Wingrave         | 2014 
·         'Living Water: the river hid, logbook, codex' by Annique                Goldenberg | 2014 
·         'Assimilated Museum' by Deanna Hitti | 2015 


jac said...


Guylaine Couture said...

wow, félicitation! congratulation to you!

Jack Oudyn said...

thank you Jac and G, it was special to see your great books in the flesh in "Personal Histories". Always feels nice to be amongst friends.