Friday, June 5, 2015

Hard to Swallow

Cover of   Hard to Swallow

It's been a little while since I sent some mail art to some of my numerous friends all over the place. One of my regular artists (one of the few Aussies), Vizma has recently replied and this gave me the push to do a bit more in this area.I have been spending more time on artist books and let this more casual genre fall behind. "Hard to Swallow" is a little mini artist book I have sent her recently.

She has relied with another of her great little book "Hidden Treasures" ,(she must have enjoyed the Cockles Pills)

Even though these little treasures are not as time consuming and cerebral as artist books, they are huge fun and help me fill in the odd spare moment. I'm now working on a reply booklet to keep the cycle going. Who knows perhaps a collaboration or larger work may develop from these more spontaneous pieces.

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