Monday, June 15, 2015


"Not a Fair Go"  - Zine

Next week-end should be a very interesting one for book artists in Brisbane. "The Siganto Artists' Book Seminar 2015" at the State Library of Queensland on the Saturday 20th June and an Artist Book Fair on the Sunday 21st June are being held. I will be there with some of the little books I've blogged about in the past and will also bring along some of my zines. 

I had made this little zine "Not a fair go" specially for the day not knowing that our infamous "sovereign border policies" would again be foremost in our news. Helen Malone, my collaborative partner and I are currently working on a book around the same topic which we hoped we would have ready for the fair but that wasn't possible this time. Looks like I might have to revisit this topic again , it makes me so ashamed to be an Australian.

Helen Malone  will also be there on the week-end  and we will have some of our joint books there as well our own works. I'm sure it will be a very enjoyable day and look forward to catching up with lots of fellow artists.


ronnie said...

looks great jack! hope you have fun at the fair (when its all over, if you have some zines left -- let us all know won't you.... I might have to release the moths in my wallet!

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks ronnie, why wait till the fair is over?I've always got zines to spare. You might find one in the post but don't worry about the moths.

Lesley-Anne Houghton said...

It was terrific to meet you on Sunday Jack, and I love my copy of 'Not a Fair Go'. Perusing it reminded me of something I had forgotten from many years ago. Living in Port Hedland, my children attended a childcare centre across the street from the detention centre. Playing outside, my girls observed some of the detainees jumping from the roof, protesting their conditions. A dreadful incident for everybody involved. I wanted you to know that your piece had inspired more discussion and reflection about these issues, and some creative writing from me that evening - so you never know where things will lead. I also love my Uluru piece by the way. Stunning. Looking forward to staying in touch.

Jack Oudyn said...

Thank you for your very encouraging and kind words, Lesley-Anne.I hope the memories were not too painful.