Thursday, March 10, 2016


When I travel I like to use the opportunity to start new work that I do in my hotels at night rather than trying to watch foreign television programs. I do this in small books of about 20 pages I make specially to fit in my backpack together with a very basic collection of drawing materials. 

"Re-Wards" is the latest of one of these books which I work back into once I get home.

The subject matter is often my new environment, the airport, the plane, people I meet anything that I find interesting or amusing.

On our last trip to Vietnam, I noticed quite a large group of ladies at the airport in Brisbane who all seemed to know each other and looked alike although not in a normal uniform but clothes that were of a similar type. They all appeared to be well "hoisted".
Later when we picked up more passengers in Sydney, more of these ladies joined the group and I assumed they were maybe going to a conference. My curiousity got the better of me and while in the queue for Customs I started a conversation with one of them.
They were all going to Vietnam as a reward for the excellent sales work they had done for a company and were off for an extended week-end of pampering and shopping at the company's expense. They were as high as kites in a cyclone.

The  company specialised in custom fitted lingerie which the ladies organised  to sell at parties. As the young lady told me, "think of us as ladies selling Tupperware for the Titties". 

Well.... had to start a new book that night.

Naturally, I did stray away from this particular subject but it was how the book started. I'll post a few more interesting drawings for you to ponder.

Who would have thought the process was so simple?


Amanda said...

Hi Jack,
Happy New Year, belated as it may be! I haven't benn visiting any blogs for about 6 months, I'd say, so it's delightful to read back and catch up on your creations over that time.I'd be curious to know what you consider your personal "essentials" for an art-making kit while traveling. I 'll bet plenty of your other readers would like to know too!
Hope you are keeping well.
Amanda x

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Amanda, good to see you back. I'll heed your advice and post my essentials soon.

Amanda said...

Great! I'll look forward to it!

Angela said...

What a brilliant idea - making books when you travel. This would also work well with airport delays or any other delays where you are stuck somewhere with time on your hands. I too am interested in the essential kit - and would it pass airport security? ;-) Hello Amanda - nice to see you too :-)

Amanda said...

Hello Angela!! I was thinking about you just the other day....I was making my first ever stamp. :)

Helen M said...

Nice to catch up with your blog Jack and to find another great little travel book. You have such an incredible skill at making something wonderful out of small details. I too think a post about your art essentials for travel would be great.

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Helen, I will post about my essentials and hope everybody is not disappointed with the ordinariness of it all.