Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Just finished off another small concertina book I started on my last plane journey to combat my restless, jumpy legs. I find that by engaging my brain in a bit of stimulation (reading doesn't work anymore), I can reduce this most annoying and uncomfortable condition I have.

These fantasy portraits were added to the reverse side of my prepared book I took on the trip. I started off with a continuous imaginary unfolding landscape as I flew above it and as I ran out of pages decided to give the book its own imaginary voyeurs on the reverse side. I'll include just another portrait before I show a few of the landscape.

They were all done using my small portable tin box of travelling art materials.

These small continuous mixed media landscapes are all linked with my thoughts on chance in the process of being original. I have been working on other books exploring these ideas and they overflowed into this little one.

With Christmas just around the corner, I think this little jumpy leg remedy may end up in the stocking of my favourite Finnish artist, Carina Granlund.

It is interesting how the almost compulsively, worked surfaces of the landscapes which did battle with my brain and the legs, contrasts with the much more peaceful and minimal drawings of the audience.

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