Saturday, March 18, 2017

3rd Book for 2017 "Ways to Enter and Exit"

I have just finished my third book for 2017, "Ways to Enter and Exit". I made this blank flutterbook first, using Otis College Book Arts, "Bookbinding: Create a flutter book" on U Tube as a guide. 

I intend to use this little project of "A book a Month" to explore new formats and bindings as well as images and concepts. This book is like a concertina but joined to the cover and can be displayed open as well as individual pages, although I have designed the images to span two facing pages. 

I have a very industrious spider in my garden who like to build her web at head high across a path I use every day. The web catches me fair in the face every morning, right across my glasses, leaving the broken web hanging from my camelia bush.

I have found a way to get a print of the web on paper by spraying the web with paint and catching the wet web on paper.

I used pieces of these drawings, found text and a background of black gesso to make the images for each double page spread.

I used a very fine nib for both white and black inks but also my favourite very fine manga pen, a Pilot HI-Tec-C 0.25 mm thick I brought back from Japan. I'm sure you'll agree these drawings are quite a departure from my usually more spontaneous mark making.
Before I return to my comfort zone I might dilly dally for a while exploring some of the mathematical skills that my spider must have in abundance.


Amanda said...

I love the technique you invented for printing the cobweb...although I doubt your spider agrees! Has that finally discouraged him/her?

Jack Oudyn said...

No, the spider is as active as ever, enjoy your trip.

Helen M said...

Another great little book Jack, the black and white looks stunning.

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Helen, I think I'll maybe make a small edition to give away to those interested.