Wednesday, August 16, 2017

my confused vegetables

It has been so warm this winter in Queensland that most of my vegetables are quite confused. Spring onions are usually my summer crop as well as my Asian Greens but I've planted early this year. This has thrown the rhythm  of my normal day and I am spending so long in the glorious sunshine tending my crops that some days I don't even get into my studio. Consequently, my book a month is behind schedule but maybe I can catch up during the rest of the year.

My red bok choi, is spectacular and tasty too. The backlit leaf makes the veins stand out and reminds me of the Mekong delta from the air. I love planting and eating my Asian Greens as they and the food they make remind me so fondly of travelling in Viet Nam, Japan and Malaysia. Now that the garden is pumping I can get back to my normal practice of working in my studio every day as well.

Meanwhile I have started on a little book "roadtalk" with photos I took ages ago and always wanted to use but the photos got lost amongst my other source material until the other day. It's intriguing how suddenly a familiar footpath or roadside get written on with a spraycan with strange code. It must be a bit like the Beat instructions or signs to their homeless mates about conditions of a nearby squat or the presence of the police. Signs and codes also used by artists like Basquiat in their own work. At this stage I am editing and reprinting some photos in B&W as well to use later.

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