Saturday, July 7, 2018

"carbon trails"

Just finished another book using the Tewantin Tree rubbings from burnt trees. (Giant sticks of charcoal). The previous book was completely abstract and relied entirely on the quality of the marks. This one is more like a map and has textual references to the trails and early maps showing local trees as well as soil types as well as the topographical details of the terrain.
The card cover is painted to refer to the fires as well as the burnt bark.

There are not as many folds and the book is easier to read in a conventional way but can't be viewed in as many different ways. 


jac said...

Deceptively simple and very effective. How do you stop the charcoal smudging, or do you handle it very carefully?

Jacobus (Jack) Oudyn said...

Hello again Jac. I do handle the pages carefully but I also carry a can of workable fixative to spray on as I work in the field. I spray the pages again at home before folding and drawing into the charcoal.

Velma Bolyard said...

jack-this is a fine book! just returned to your blog after WAY too long, good to see the work again.

Jacobus (Jack) Oudyn said...

Thanks, Velma.Where have you been hiding? Welcome back.