Thursday, August 16, 2018

My Father's an Artist

A small exhibition by Redland Art Gallery of work by a handful of local artists including myself will be held at the Capalaba annex of the Redland Art Gallery. It runs from 25August - 9th October so if you happen to be in the vicinity, you are most welcome to come and have a look. I will only have 6 pieces there including two artist books I have made for each of my daughters.
"A road less travelled" and "RUB" the two books for my daughters will make their first gallery appearances. There will also be some other pieces of my work from the RAG collection which they have acquired over the years. I'll post more photos of the show later once it's opened.


Helen M said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing this Jack. How lucky are your girls having an artist for a father?

Jacobus (Jack) Oudyn said...

Thanks Helen, I think the girls are lucky (I might be just a little biassed} but i'm lucky too. You couldn't find a more supportive and critical audience. Sometimes being an artist and a having a family can be difficult though. Art can also be very selfish of your time and energy and sometimes it's hard to do both.

Carole Reid said...

Looking forward to seeing your photos.
Lucky girls! Do they enjoy the gift of being artists as well?
All the best, Carole

Jacobus (Jack) Oudyn said...

Thanks for your comment Carole. No the girls are not artistic in the same way - drama and music are their favs but they are great appreciators of visual art and have collected other artists as well as their dad.