Sunday, November 4, 2018

"double EE"

Continuing on from "restless legs", this is a larger book of 24, A5 sized loose pages which are housed in a little box covered in turmeric stained paper. PVA medium was added to the stain to make it less soluble and give the box a faint sheen.
page 1

The mixed media images flow across the pages to make a large mosaic of 24 pages which hang loosely on the wall for display. They are encouraged to move with the air currents in the room.
page 2

page 4

The images use things from my garden ie the turmeric for yellow staining and smudging and pomegranate ink for drawing organic shapes that find other lives. Also, a little recently dug beetroot has made its way into these drawings - the warm pinkish tones. Not sure at this stage how permanent the colour will be or if it turns to another colour but I have been trialling it for a few years and it seems just fine.
 I have yet to make a book dealing specifically with my garden but hope to do so in the future.


page 8

Once again, the pages evolve with no preconceived idea of what will eventuate, giving chance and intuition free reign. Obviously the images are not totally random but follow certain rules that help them work together to make a whole piece. My fresh turmeric has run out for another year so no more yellow drawings but I have got a bottle of pomegranate ink left so don't be surprised if it comes back in other work.
page 12

You may have noticed some dark, organic,  'meaty' shapes floating around (some with clothes on). These were drawn using a soft carbon (graphite) putty not unlike a piece of clay. You can do so many new things with it rolled into balls or stretched out it is worth trying if you see it around. 

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