Sunday, January 6, 2019

on last legs

I trust you all had a great festive season and are looking forward to a very creative and enjoyable 2019. 
No, "last legs" is not a Billy Connolly about my life but rather one of the last of 2018's little books stimulated by my own restless legs which are now behaving themselves. It is also a swinger designed to move from a single hanging hole at the middle top of each page.

on last legs”  is a small loose-leaved artist book of 8 sheets,  (147 x 208 mm)  in a folder.

The drawings use graphite, pencil and turmeric on 180gsm Tiziano paper.

Pages are displayed, hung from a hole at the centre-top of each page, with a pin to form an array which can move gently in a breeze.

1   2   3  4 
5  6  7  8 

The book is unique .

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