Tuesday, March 5, 2019

"drawings for a doctor"

I have been working for some time on a series of drawings based on surgery and wounds. It is a series that I turn to in between books or when I'm in a new place while I decide on a new theme or interest to explore. They are the sort of drawing that is cumulative and not done in one sitting. Sometimes the different processes such as waxing or staining have to dry before going to another stage. They were done in an A5 visual diary which is very portable and easy to take with me on planes and trains or keep handy on my desk at all times. 
They are a continuation of earlier work "Cut" and "Blind Spots".

These new drawings are not as raw or juicy but meant to be more like an instruction manual or notebook a doctor use. They are of course totally imaginary although the cover is made from an old X-Ray of mine. I have only used 15 pages for this book and hope to explore different bindings for some of the remaining works in this series.

The drawings are on both side of each page and the open wounds and mesh allow you to look through to the next operation or back to the previous.

The materials used in these drawings include pigment, turmeric, wax, dressmaking patterns, shellac, thread, mesh, dressings,  inks and letter stamps.

The little book has 30 pages of images and directions and very fine ink or pencil drawings. They are more fun if you can enlarge the images as the detail is so small. If you right mouse click on the image and select 'open in another tab' you can enlarge the image and have a good poke around.Enjoy!

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