Thursday, November 25, 2010

"NEXT STATION" Another little book of drawings

Looks like you may have found me again. My little space for recent and not so recent things I do. I hope you visit again as I hope to be more productive with this site. Here is another little A5 diary of artworks "Next Station" which I work on almost daily. Like the ones that come before it, the work is cumulative and reflects my everyday experiences and memories. Each page is worked on spontaneously and largely intuitive although some get a little more anal and message driven. Sometimes I just can’t help myself, it’s so hard not to be judgemental and preacher-like when there are so many situations in our lives we need to be critical of.  They all involve the use of mixed media and collage which allows me to combine often tenuously related subjects , distinct genres and materials.

"Next Station " and another diary that is almost complete "No Thanks" each contain about 50 drawings on cartridge paper which span 2009 and 2010. I'm sure you will be able to see some of the issues and delights these drawings reflect.and even though they may be rather confusing to many of you, I hope you find them interesting and stimulating. I'll post a sample of the work to whet your appetite (hopefully)

"1 uncovered"

51 german bugle nose
49.under a cloud

52 dip it in parrafin

3. iron discipline

5. she waited a ling time

6. waiting

44. a beautiful walk

11. a good journey

13. keyholes

18. no more

19.unspecified tolerances

25. nerve control

29. sea level

32.way back when

38.blown away

41.his jeans fell

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Sally said...

Hey Jack - thanks for sharing - these are wonderful!