Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mind in Art


Mind in Art started in 2001 when a group of aspiring artists got in touch with me to start an art group. All of this group share a common determination to recover from various forms of mental illness. They continue to find the group valuable to each other in its shared support, non-judgmental attitudes and social reintegration. The valuable lessons in the various art media we offer are a bonus. We work in the areas of painting, printmaking and drawing in three hour workshops at the Wellington Point Community Art Precinct. The group is supported by Connect 2 Group Inc. and we have exhibitions and work in community arts projects.

These paintings are some of our early work done in 2004 . Some of our artists are no longer with us now but their paintings are still fresh in our memory. I will add more information about the work and put other work up from time to time, especially if we have more rainy days like today.

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