Wednesday, September 28, 2011

zine finished

"black card cover with individualised print"
inside cover and Nepalese paper end-sheet

acid free centrefold

signed end page and Nepalese paper end-sheet

I have finally bound and completed a sample of my little booklet of poems "Persona: different hats". The poems were my response to an art exhibition for the Mind in Art group held a few years ago at Redland Art Gallery,Cleveland.
The edition will be limited to 30 signed copies and include a centrefold of 2 images of my works related to the poems. The booklet of 12 pages is hand sewn and printed on 120gsm paper, the centrefold is acid free. I have sewn in some handmade paper end sheets to finish off the booklet.
This replaces a little Japanese style stab-bound book I made for these poems earlier. That edition of 10 became exhausted and I've had some requests for the poems hence the new edition.
I plan to sell these online once I get a shop organised (not sure how to do this yet - let me know if you have any advice re Etsy etc). You can visit my store where this little zine will be on sale for Christmas.
I will send the first half dozen  to interested people who get in touch with me via my email and will look forward to their feedback.


Ellen Paxton - Artist said...

Hi Jack
Thank you for your comment on my blog. I have been trying to leave a comment on Robyn's but so far have no luck. This is a trial on another blog to see if is my problem. Cheers, Ellen Paxton

Jack Oudyn said...

Hello Ellen
your comment arrived safely, hope you had a lovely holiday.Cheers Jack