Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beauty in the garden

a leaf in the cauli-clouds

a spray of hairy onion -drops

The lovely warm weather and recent showers have transformed the vege patch overnight.
I never cease to be amazed at the simple beauty of our plants. How can we use this visual delight in our art work? I really don't know, maybe words are sometimes better at creating the image in our minds eye.


rObfOs said...

Hey Jack,
I think your photo's are artworks in and of themselves, especially the cauli - it's a beautiful image. XrObfOs
PS: off to Japan again in 52 days - YEY! Might have to try and get some of the 10,000 free flights next year too, wouldn't that be a blast!

Jack Oudyn said...

Lucky duck Rob! Would love to be going to Japan myself. Will definitely be looking out for a free flight. I'm heading off to NZ for a wedding at the end of the year to test my travelling waters so to speak.