Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fish Book Two - by MICRO on madeit

"Fish Book Two"

Fish Book Two - by MICRO on madeit
Fish Book Two is another small book I made a while ago. I have only two books left and have listed them in my new store Micro.  I hope I have done it correctly, some of my friends have been unable to find it. When I click onto the title of this blog (or the last two) it takes me there. I hope it works the same for you. Pay me a visit and let me know what you think. There are now four Fish Books which have been collected by the State Library of Queensland. They are all in editions of 50 but "Fish Book One" is sold out completely and Fish Book Two almost so.I still have a few Book 3 and 4. They are all 8 page booklets, stitched, numbered and signed.


michellaneous said...

Hi Jack- I haven't been on for ages, but thankyou for the lovely comment you left some time ago! We can see Straddie from our verandah most days, except for when it's rainy or hazy. You do some beautiful work, I especially like the books you've been making.

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks michellaneous, have you checked out my store. Not sure if I've got the links right so some feedback would be lovely.