Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Persona" Different Hats - by MICRO on madeit

Persona" Different Hats - by MICRO on madeit

Cover of "Persona: Different Hats"

colour centrefold

I've finally taken the step of setting up a store with "madeit" to see if anyone is interested in the art stuff that I make, particularly the artist books and zines. I'm still trying to get set up but the system seems friendly enough. At least being aussie based you don't have to post OS all the time. This makes the cost of cheap little books exorbitant. Not sure if I'm quite in the right environment though. Not a lot of "art" but a lot of kiddies clothes (all hand-made of course) I know artist books is a largely little known genre of art endeavour here in Australia but this test may give me more feedback.... or maybe not??

As well as "Persona: different Hats", I'm putting some of my remainders books on. A blast from the past particularly "Empire Unmade"


rObfOs said...

Hey Jack,
received your beautiful little books in the mail yesterday - what a treat! So nice to see and touch. Lovely quality, so crisp and the different papers used, as well as the stitching and hand made bands give it a very personal, quality, arty feel. Nicely presented.
Unfortunately, haven't been able to load your shop yet as our throttle is too low from all my net wanderings this month (and the dynamic view on my blog probably hasn't help things!).

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks for the lovely feedback Rob. Glad you enjoyed the little books.