Friday, May 4, 2012


I've just started picking some of this year's pomegranates. Although they are beautiful inside, their waxy outside skin, complete with scratches and little scars is just gorgeous. I've tried to capture some of this quality in the cover of an artist book I'm making at the moment. (I hope you can see it in the photo -it's a bit subtle)

The little book "Transparent" is part of a great collaborative project run by Book Art Object, a great group all interested in the many types and forms of artist books. Involvement with this group through their blog has been incredibly rewarding and satisfying. Check out the link if you are interested in the nitty -gritty of making my cover.

waxing paper

before and after pomegranate treatment

prototype cover


Helen M said...

Love that your cover was inspired by the gorgeous pomegranate.

ersi marina said...

I read the BAO entry yesterday but didn't make it to your blog, so I completely missed the pomegranade inspiration. How did you manage the rosy colour? Did you add colour to your wax/paraffin mix? Am I asking too much?

Ellen Paxton - Artist said...

Hi jack
Tried to email you through your blog but no luck. Just wanted to say that my daughter and her two boys are arriving from Sydney today and consequently I won't make the opening. I hope....I know it will all go well. sorry not to be there. Cheers, Ellen paxton

Jack Oudyn said...

No Ersi, one can never ask too much. I scratched the wax with a wire brush and rubbed in some red watersoluble oil paint (Van Gogh). By rubbing back the paint the scratches and a rosy colour remain. You can use turps to take more off if you wish.
Thanks Ellen, you'll be there in spirit.

ersi marina said...

Today is your opening day if I remember right. Wishing you fun and success!

And thanks for the explanation, I have to try that.