Monday, May 7, 2012

mind mapping

Caitlin Sheedy's beautiful work

The main show "Life's Journey" was excellent with many outstanding books of all sorts. One of my favourites was Caitlin Sheedy's "The 199" on loan from the SLQ collection. Helen Cole has made a great selection from their vast collection (including two books by my new BAO friend Helen Malone) to which Noreen Grahame added work from Grahame Galleries + Editions. The range and display of the work was a credit to the curators Emma Bain from Redland Art Galleryand Anna Thurgood from Mackay Art Space.
 The "Mind Mapping" exhibition went well, lots of people showed interest in an aspect of my work hitherto kept hidden. I realise it's not necessarily everyone's cup of tea and I was a bit reticent to show at first, but now I'm glad I did. It was great catching up with lots of friends I hadn't seen for years but as usual didn't get much time to chat. There were  many expert bookmakers and printmakers who were all very supportive.But
it's always a relief when the "Opening" has passed and the show can hang  by itself  for us to visit and explore.
I promised some photos but haven't taken any yet much too crowded and not really possible or appropriate at the opening. I will go back and take some when it's quiet and make a little album in flickr. In the mean time, a friend contacted me and sent me some shots she took with her phone. She has given me permission to give you access to her blog at This might give you some little idea of the exhibition. The installation team under Emma Bain's expert direction have done an outstanding job. I feel so lucky to be part of it all.


ersi marina said...

Jack, your works are so good! They look great there, I wonder why you kept that part of your work hidden. Hiding treasures? Congratulations from a far-away fan.

Helen M said...

Jack, Congratulations on your 'Mind Mapping' exhibition - it is amazing and I was quite overwhelmed by the number of drawings you've exhibited. I enjoyed the opening and it was fun catching up with lots of book and print people. I'll be going back for a second look!