Thursday, May 10, 2012

artist talk

Emma Bain introduction

Emma's talk in main gallery

"Bach'Coda" Artist book and bemused audience

interested booksters

Some photos from the artist 's talk on Wednesday 9th May 2012 at the Redland Art Gallery. Emma Bain gave an interesting trip through some of the works in the main gallery followed by a talk and exploration of Mind Mapping in the smaller galleries by myself. I have some initial photos of the work on my flickr link but will try to improve these as they are not clear.


ronnie said...

ooo you tease jack! oooo to be able to touch and play and see the books in person.... sigh...

Helen M said...

Looks like an interesting session Jack. Please to hear it went well.

rObfOs said...

Hi Jack,
really enjoyed your show and tell.
Most interactive and informative artist talk I have been to.
Will endeavour to get to the Capalaba gallery to view the rest of your works now I have a the chance of a spare hour or two up my sleeve.

Jack Oudyn said...

Thank you lovely ladies for your kind words