Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little books at "Mind Mapping"

accordion book "text file"(hand made box on left)

accordion folds, "ID" laminated double-sided collaged pages and "Notes"

A stack of artist diaries and a background of pages from them

Here is a selection of some of the little books in "Mind Mapping". These are all one offs and were made a little while ago and are happy to be let out into the world of light and scrutiny. The pages in "Text File" are based on work by Tom Phillips in "The Heart of Humament".
Each page is in the form of a "found poem" which results in the selection of some of the words in a page of discarded print from an old book. By painting out or obscuring by other means, the words you don't want, you end up with  a sub-conscious selection that could be roughly called poetry.The unwanted space is them transformed by colour and can reflect the content of the poem if desired.
 I used this form as a starter activity of making some pages to bind using simple hand stitching at the little workshops that were held in conjunction with the exhibition. I will take some photos at the next workshop to show what beautiful work the participants make.

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