Sunday, September 16, 2012

looking back

inside "transparent"

Even though not all the recipients of this little artist book have indicated that they have received "Transparent" 
I feel I have waited a decent while before sharing some of the contents with you . This book was made as part of a collaborative project by Book Art Object .

 By looking at myself, this little book of transparent mixed media drawings is an attempt at observing what makes us the way we are. Although this work is largely personal many observations would apply almost universally.

The covers are all slightly different in the way the waxy surfaces have been gently scratched and marked - a hint at how we rub up against the world and are affected differently. The scratched symbol of a torso is empty apart from a Ned Kelly visor giving an Australian  glimpse at myriads of little dots making up a portrait. The title "Transparent" is transparent coming through from the back of the cover.

Inside, the different mugshots are filled and surrounded by symbols and ideas which form aspects of my persona. Using transparent paper allows the separate images to link, inter-relate, layer and confuse the final snapshot. The contents and backgrounds include x-rays,drawings,collaged text,maps,stamps and other scraps relating to my world. The book is an attempt to promote understanding by being transparent

Yes what more can I say? You can check my Flickr for more images if you like.


Helen M said...

I really love this book Jack - your interpretation of the title "Transparent" is brilliant.

Helen M said...

I really love this book Jack - your interpretation of the title "Transparent" is brilliant.

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Helen. I think it relies too much on the images. I hope my future books will be a bit more original in structure, like your little beauties.

Velma Bolyard said...

very cool, jack, and thanks for the last wee zine... i'd lost track of you until just now!

Victoria said...

I have loved participating in this year's BAO project; it's my first one, and hopefully not my last. An additional pleasure is seeing the work of someone who is working on a similar theme to a project of one's own. In this case, the idea of transparency. See
AND, I'll be doing a 2-day workshop after a lecture on creativity & aging which was structured around my BAO book (Group 7), My Ancestors. So we're doing similar kinds of projects and teaching, at opposite ends of the world (I'm in Toronto, Canada).
Don'tcha just love the inter-tubes!

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Velma and Victoria. Glad this blog sometimes does connect and make us aware of each other.