Monday, September 3, 2012


An old abandoned Ford truck gave me a chance to stop, look and think about things of my boyhood and how, now these surfaces and colours appeal to me in a different way.

Someone recently asked me, what do I do with these photos. Well what can I say, except perhaps that I stopped for a moment, looked, and wanted the keep that memory alive somehow.

What will I "use" these images for? What work will I make from my contemplations? Who knows? Or when even? Sometimes it's enough just to take a back seat and fill my head with beautiful stuff. It's just great to let these lovely stimuli wash over me and not think about -the result!.

I find the visual textures are beautiful in themselves and they don't need to go anywhere else for the time being. I hope they do something for you too.


Amanda said...

Gorgeous photos Jack! Very wabi sabi. Beauty like this just fills the well, no need to make specific specific plans.

ersi marina said...

So beautiful! I wish I had a big garden and a truck just like that one in it. It's a gorgeous installation in itself. Love your pictures.

Helen M said...

Really love those pictures of the rusty surfaces and peeling paint - great textures.

wacki jacki said...

My aim is to create art intuitively to achieve such
unpredictable results as these wonderful images you've discovered & not reproduce them !

Carole said...

Hi Jack. I love rust and optimism so I've become your newest follower. Now I'm going to take a look at your earlier posts. I'm a painter/mixed media artist on Vancouver Island. Have a great day!

John said...

I SO love these images. It's enough to stop and appreciate before moving on. Thanks for sharing.