Friday, January 25, 2013


heliconias from my studio window

The view from my window is certainly very tropical and this part of the garden looks quite lush but we've had a very long dry summer so far.

At long last! It's been a long time coming but the summer rains have finally made it here. It has been so dry for so long, that what little grass is still in the lawn , is crunchy underfoot. A cyclone off the coast north of here is predicted to bring even more flooding rains here over the next day or two. Why we need to go from one extreme to the other is quite problematic. But it gives me a chance to do some inside, studio work which has been rather quiet during the warm months.

Reading all the blogs of review and how many different forms they take, shows how most of us try to make plans and organise our lives to get things done. I was most impressed by Amanda's blog and her review plans  but must admit I'm a bit more casual and don't do as thorough a plan as I should.

I always tend to start by clearing a space on my overflowing desk. But.... I always seem to get side-tracked by some unfinished work or project from earlier in the year. I hope to eventually start some completely new work once my list of stuff to do, stops  growing.
Which reminds me, I did promise to scan a few more images from my other diaries of 2012 (part of my review). If it's still raining tomorrow, I'll post some more.


Helen M said...

Hurray for the rain Jack! I'm also still in that no-mans land of tidying up bits and pieces from last year and haven't yet focused on the year to come. Have to say I'm enjoying having the break from it without guilt.

Jack Oudyn said...

Yes,no guilt, Helen.I'm having a good time trying out a triangular variation of your square and semi-circle book in your blog. As you can see, I get side-tracked easily.

artlover said...

What a gorgeous inspiring view!!!
Thanks for sharing ;-)