Monday, February 4, 2013

more broken

The incredible winds and recent rains have demolished and shredded much of my garden but no large trees or damage to our house. Thank goodness! Sorry no photo - bit sad.

Compared to the shocking experiences of many others in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, we have absolutely nothing to complain about. The devastation of Bunbaberg is just too horrible to contemplate and also the thousands who were just recovering from the cyclone 2 years ago. We sure do live in a land of great contrasts but I can't help feeling that the extremes are getting more frequent. The one in a hundred is now 3 or 4 in a hundred, for some at least. Most of the time we have weather most of my overseas friends dream about.

My garden will grow back and after the rain at great speed in what is left of our summer. The "Indoor days" gave me a chance to play with more little books. For inspiration I visited the blog of my recent book friend Helen Malone I remembered she had made a beautiful folded book based on a square book inspired by a Japanese card structure.

This was meant to be a little trial attempt and then a more "serious" one later.

front cover


As you can see the book is about maps (so why didn't I use the Turkish Map Fold ?) A copy of an old 1596 Venetian map while inside, a map of part of Kakadu national park and also a part of an old forestry map that shows all the different types of trees in this area. I was trying to make some sort of connection between the age of the old European map the old australian map and point to the almost agelessly old area of a part of the country of our indiginous Aborigines. Of course they didn't use maps to get around from one part of our land to the next - they were/are part of the land as encompassed in the difficult (for us) concept of Tjukurpa.

personal map flap

old forestry map

detail NP map

detail National Park map

detail forestry map

My personal drawings are appropriately on the inside of the side flaps and are linked to the other maps visually as well using stamps, images and notes.

The little book hasn't got a name yet so any suggestions would be very welcome. I'm not sure if I can modify this one off to make multiples. Maybe the whole lot on heavier stock and forget about using card for the covers??? Thanks to my mentor Helen, I have made a" little triangular  patchwork book" that works reasonably well.

back cover


Helen M said...

I really like your book Jack, a great presentation of your subject - and the triangular flaps look wonderful. Thanks for the mention.

Unknown said...

I love it. As always, I wish I could touch it.

You asked for suggestions for a title. I like these words, that I don't really know what they stand for: 'Tumen ASI'. How about that for a title?

Jacobus (Jack) Oudyn said...

Thanks Helen hope you might see it in the flesh soon for a better look.
Thanks Ersi , I don't have a clue what Tumen ASI means. Rather like the Tumen bit too.

Velma Bolyard said...

hey, this is great. do edition it!