Sunday, February 17, 2013

green ochre

Here are just a few images from another of my A5 diaries completed in 2012 to share with you.
 Most of the work in my diaries overlap and some  are done at the same time as one another. I posted work from "yellow line" a little earlier and as promised, have finally got round to scanning a few from the next diary. Trips with my wife to New Zealand, Central Australia, Northern Territory and Sydney feature heavily. I hope they don't feel like a travel blog.

a short walk

soft rain

Obviously from a short trip to NZ for my niece's wedding. Maybe not quite wet enough but certainly cooler.

ochre man

way before anzac

mean temperature

Our visits to Central Australia, Uluru and Kata Tjuta were incredibly spirtual experiences. The scale and colour of these "rocks" was breath-taking even though we are familiar with them as images. We gained a small glimpse into the complexity of the importance of the land to our indigenous brothers. My A5 images cannot even come close to expressing these aspects and hint more at the difficulties associated with identity (both ours and theirs).

picasso collage


And just a couple from Sydney. This year 2013, we went back there to check out the Francis Bacon and Anish Kapoor exhibitions but it will probably take another year before they appear in my diaries. I quite like the way that the different experiences have all had the effect of evoking quite different "temperatures" in the images. You can check out a few more on my flickr link if you like. I hope they ticked your fancy.


Amanda said...

Hi Jack, These are fascinating. I've been reading a lot about art journalling lately, and your pages are so distinctive and original. Perhaps its because most of the others I've seen have been by women. I do have to tell you that if the person is in most cases a self portrait, I think you're being a little harsh on yourself!!! ;-)

Helen M said...

It's great to see more of your journal drawings Jack, and they are fantastic. Really love the ones from Central Australia.

Jack Oudyn said...

I doubt whether gender makes a difference Amanda, I'm sure we all approach these things differently. mine are probably a bit more personal and memory driven than some.
Glad you like the Central Australia ones. I think there were a few different ones in the next diary.Maybe after I scan it I'll post some more.