Wednesday, March 6, 2013

tea/coffee break

This unsettled weather finds me inside, instead of in the garden as much -  so more time to TIDY andPLAY. I was tidying until I discovered a little stack of used tea bags I'd been collecting ages ago because they had a lovely texture and colour.
 Well, instead of tidying, I just had to play, pulling them apart,discarding the tea and marvelling at the very fine paper the little bags were made of. More playing and drawing naturall,y and now a couple of days later I might make a little book or two. Using found text and some drawing each bag makes a little 4 page booklet with a "poem?". The next stage might be to combine a few to make a more substantial booklet.

Meanwhile, I receive in the mail a lovely little book and other ephemera from an artist Guylaine Couture in Canada who I'm swapping stuff with. I was delighted of course but even more interesting was that while I was playing with teabags, a little book about "why Guylaine drinks coffee" was on its way to me. I just love these coincidences and connections and swappings that come about wandering the web. Nothing like real mail in the letter box, particularly beautiful mail.

So before I start combining the little teabag booklets into one or two bigger books, I'd like to see if there is anyone else out there interested in a swap. I'm away for a a little trip for a couple of weeks so there's plenty of time to let me know if you would like a little 4 pager to send to you when I get back. Probably easiest to get in touch via my email   with your address.


Helen M said...

These look like fun Jack. I often save teabags or the bigger coffee bags but then never do anything with them and throw them out until next time I decide to save them. It will be great to see what you've done with them.

Jack Oudyn said...

It's early days Helen, maybe Tea and Sri Lanka will cause a change of direction.

Kim Henkel said...

Lovely little tea bag books! Using tea bags in creating is my very favourite thing to do! I too love the colour and texture of them.