Thursday, January 10, 2013

just a couple

wa flora

I'm currently scanning some of the other work done in my diaries during the year. The images in all the diaries overlap and are not strictly sequential. While I'm waiting for one page to dry, I'll pick up another diary and work on the same topic. Sometimes all three or four all in progress, no wonder they overlap! These next two are still in "Yellow Line" but are developed further in other diaries and are the focus for work done at home now . They are a distillation of the experience, from a little distance in time. I'll post where they are currently a little later as they get progressively more abstract.



Amanda said...

Hi Jack! Happy New Year!
This is fascinating. I am starting to understand how you use the journalling as a source for later work. I have wondered how people manage such personal content and still keep the work authentic. Thank you for this insight.
Warm wishes, Amanda xx

Jack Oudyn said...

Yes Amanda, the little diaries have two purposes. One as an entity in their own right but also as a source(sometimes) for further exploration both of subject matter and pushing the mark-making boundaries to find new and exciting ways of doing things.

Helen M said...

Really interesting Jack to see the development of your work from the diary.

Jack Oudyn said...

Hopefully, Amanda, the development process knows no limit but I often run out of steam or get side-tracked by the very interesting" book people". Must be ways of doing both at the same time, I'm sure.