Tuesday, January 8, 2013

yellow line

Firstly to all my  blogger friends, I hope you all have a very healthy, happy 2013 with few computer problems and lots of art success. For my first few blogs of the new year,  I thought I would follow the ideas of Fiona and Sara by reviewing the previous year to give you an idea where some of my travels and ideas ended up. Apart from small artist books and zines all of my work centred around my little A5 diaries. I filled 3 little books this year and "yellow line" is the first I'll show some work from. Hope they are not too personal and still have some interest for others."Yellow Line" has about 50 images, too many to show so a sample to give you a taste. The cover has oblique references to Van Gogh, the severely lopped tree in Holland and the yellow line.

go with a friend

running backwards

The first drawing gave the book its title. The drawings are all behind the yellow safety line (like a railway platform) so should be quite harmless.( Each page started with a yellow mark.) Later drawings broke the rules a bit but were generally well behaved. I can give you more details about individual ones if you ask.

evans head ha,ha,ha


just a taste


tripping blind

"skuttlebutt","tripping blind" and "just a taste" were done on a trip recently to Margaret River where we did sample many of the delicious wines at some lovely vineyards. Stella Bella was one of our favourites that had "skuttlebutt" as one of its cheaper wines. Don't you just love some of the taste descriptions eg "poached, dark flesh plums"? The tally marks were not the number of wines consumed. Who was countng apart from the driver?


Ellen Paxton - Artist said...

Hope you and your family have a good year also. I enjoyed the selection from Yellow Line.....but there were only a few....perhaps you will show more of them?

Take care. The little fig tree is thriving. As is the thyme. Thank you. Love Ellen

ronnie said...

love these drawings (particularly the last one you've shown) --- hope you feel happy to show us all some more - I'd love to see them

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Helen, will probably show more of the next two diaries and on flikr

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks ronnie, the last one "tripping blind" is about the Margaret River area in WA and has some braille in it to help you find your way.

Helen M said...

I've really enjoyed seeing these drawings Jack, they're fantastic as usual. Looks like you had a great trip to Margaret River. Please show us more.

Ersi Marina Samara said...

Obediently standing behind the yellow line, I had a great time viewing your work. Next time I'll bring a friend so we can comment on it. Ha ha ha :)

susan bowers said...

like other commenters Jack, I have really loved exploring these drawings which are fresh and quirky. Full of humour and comment. I really admire the way you have collaged and then overlayed with your own thoughts and experience. Really hope you share more of these with us all.