Thursday, June 27, 2013

wet & counting

Just a few more drawings along similar wet tracks for my next little concertina book.
No more ribbons I promise. You'll perhaps notice the odd scrap of teabag still sneaking in.

And how did that cat shape get back in? We  have had new neighbours move in recently with their grey cat that loves to stalk my birds. It does have a bell around its neck but I've never heard it -  hope it rings when he jumps. 

As usual I'm losing the simplicity and getting too crowded. I find it so hard to stop.


Ersi Marina Samara said...

I love these, Jack. Are they slightly different from past works or is it me? You moved away from simplicity but you can create such enticing chaos! I see a cat head and a cat paw -and the aquas are beautiful.

susan bowers said...

I really love the first two images in particular Jack. I echo Ersi's comment in praise of the aquas and other colour choices. Wonderful.

Helen M said...

Beautiful Jack, I loe the first image.

Kim Henkel said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, I too love the colours, and although I love all of the pieces I couldn't stop looking at the first image. I look forward to seeing the book when it is completed.

Jack Oudyn said...

Yes the works are more detailed Ersi. I have tried to keep the colours very
understated and soft and happy you approve. I will post a few more images before I put a cover on the concertina.