Sunday, November 3, 2013

japanese rain

mountain mist

Just back from Japan for a week but still have not downloaded my numerous photos so perhaps a look at a couple of pages of my visual diary will give you some idea of what I got up to. There were two typhoons of the coast while we were there so we had some rainy weather and mist in the mountains and I'm so glad. I usually work on my diaries every night even when I'm away but of course with a smaller range of materials. Most of my diary work is somewhat more design oriented but in these two, I tried to get some sense of the misty atmosphere.

tokyo to nagano

Most of my other little mixed media memories are more graphic like these:

With all the bits of maps, tickets and other ephemera from our trip, I will continue to mine my memories and make inter-related little works for quite a while before taking off again for more new experiences. I'll post a few photos next post but probably not typical travel shots.


Unknown said...

Beautiful work, Jack! When I saw the first image I thought 'these are umbrellas', so your mountain rain is rich in imagery. Also kimono-like a bit maybe?

Jacobus (Jack) Oudyn said...

Thanks Ersi, great to hear from you again, always with a hint of the poetic.