Thursday, September 19, 2013

mail art


Just taking a break from the little books and reconnecting with some very old interests of mine. Back to the 70's for me when I got interested in Fluxus, mail art and visual poetry. 


Recently, Amanda Watson-Will and her husband Ian showed me some of their collection of mail art and I was hooked again after all these years. I think it's the democratic nature of this art practice which appeals and the low brow inclusivity of it all. I connected up with David Dellafiora and his publications "ReSite" and KART Magazine of Multiplicity and "Field Study". Check out his blog if this type of art interests you and get connected back to the whole world-wide scene that is still going strong today.

queen of colonies

The post cards I'm working on involve old photos taken over the years which invoke strong memories for me and combining them with the daily ephemera that crosses my desk and gets collected in little boxes. I had actually made a tentative start earlier this year which must have been a little seed that was waiting to sprout.


ronnie said...

I love fluxus collage/poetry/collusions/combinations..... so I look forward to seeing what your make of your mail tidbits

Helen M said...

Great to see this developing from your 'start' a while back, Jack. Look forward to seeing more.

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Ronnie,I'm sure you'll catch up with my mail tidbits somewhwere.

Jack Oudyn said...

Hi Hels, as an old photographer, I'm still developing but looking for the fixer.