Saturday, June 21, 2014

new blog

shellie's envelope for her mail art

I've started another blog MAILOUT so I can keep track of the mail art that is coming in at a fast rate. I'm sure this will slow down as I slow down and sent less stuff myself. I also need to keep track of what I send so I don't duplicate (embarrassing) but I don't think a blog would do it for me. The IUOMA site which tries to do this, is a bit complicated and untidy. A little notebook from a past era is probably the easiest and simplest way. If you are interested in the content of Shellie's envelope you could pay the new blog a visit. I just learnt that some of the mail artists only do envelopes and they often don't have anything in them. The group is a worldwide group of artists who send, small scale mail art to each other through the postal system (snail-mail). Mail- Art may include postcards, paper, a collage of found or recycled images and objects, rubber stamps, artist-created stamps and paint, music, sound art, poetry, or anything that can be put in an envelope and sent via post.

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