Tuesday, June 24, 2014

thin ice

My second altered book should be on its way back to me after a short spell away in Makay. The local show decided to include artist books as part of its art exhibition so "Thin Ice" got its first outing along with another book made collaboratively by Helen Malone and myself " Paper,Scissors, Uluru".

"Thin Ice" The original novel by Alan Ford has been altered and transformed into an artist book about global warming and climate change. Only the original title remains, covers and contents altered for the new context.
The cover has been incised and painted to show a cracked surface revealing the hot core inside. It is covered in matt Perspex to refer back to the title while the insides cut away and replaced by test tubes filled with small graphs and research material from “The Copenhagen Diagnosis” dealing with carbon dioxide emissions, global warming and sea level predictions. This material is stored in test tubes to emphasise that it is of scientific origin and not a matter of belief. The test tubes can be removed to allow the text to be read if required.


Amanda said...

Oh wow! Jack, this looks excellent! You are on fire at the moment aren't you? So prolific and just wonderful work. Well done!

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Amanda, Can you be on fire on Thin Ice? Sorry I missed you today but must try again soon when you are well.