Saturday, July 5, 2014

asemic writing

I have been looking at quite a bit of asemic writing on the IUOMA site (please don't ask me to define it fully but briefly it seems to be writing that is wordless and doesn't have any particular meaning). To me it is the rhythm,colour, texture and shape of the marks that come together to give an open, abstract type of meaning. I was very interested in Cy Twombly many years ago(still am of course) and did a series of drawings in this area  Anyway, I digress. Today out of the blue (almost) I received this great little book from Cheryl Penn in South Africa about asemic writing. We are in a collaborative project together but I had no idea that this was the focus of her book. I have made a good start to my part of the project but have got a bit sidetracked onto other art stuff so this is be best possible reminder.

This is a look at the cover fully open and is part of a cut up painting used in this little hand altered edition of 10 . I'll post more images on my new blog MAILOUT dedicated to mail art.

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