Monday, December 1, 2014

positive and negative space books

Helen Malone and I have just finished our latest collaborative project "MINUS PLUS EQUAL"  (- + = ). Once again we were inspired by two visiting German book artists , Ulrike Stolz and Uta Schneider who were here as guests of the State Library of Qld. 
Despite our collaborations taking longer than working alone but we both seem to get more out of each other and explore areas we would not when we work alone.

Helen Malone has also blogged about this little project and has outlined our thinking very well so I won't repeat the process. As this is our third collaboration (our last was "Chance"), we are getting to know each other aesthetically and trust each other more than at first. That should make it possible to move more quickly but we seem quite happy working at a mutually comfortable speed.

The optical illusions that happen when working with positive and negative space were amazing and it is easy to see why this intrigues so many artists and designers.
We are both looking forward to continuing our collaborative projects as well as working individually in 2015.


rObfOs said...

Admiring the printerly loveliness of it all Jack. Nice little perspex housing too!

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Rob,how's your press going, the wooden spoons are wearing thin.

Helen M said...

Great to read your post Jack, it's interesting to read from both sides of our collaboration. I look forward to the next one next year!

Elizabeth Banfield said...

This is beautiful Jack. Just wish I could see it in person!

Jack Oudyn said...

Thanks Elizabeth, if you are ever in Brisbane contact me and I will gladly show you a personal copy of - + =