Friday, December 5, 2014

summer rain

Looks like I've got a good crop of 2l milk bottles ready to pick but they are shielding some small seedlings from the scorching sun. Since coming back from Vietnam, I've changed my growing plans to include our summer. The gardens are so productive and having such fresh veges is just so lovely  I've been inspired to have another summer planting.
I usually find it's just too hot for most veges, need too much water and the insect pests are at their peak. 

So I don't need to spray or worry about birds eating my fruit, I've had to cover my lemons and figs . It's been so dry though and my rain water tank has been empty for months that hand watering with town waterhas been unavoidable. Tonight is looking like it may rain but so far it has managed to surround us close by and we're still missing out. I'll try a little rain dance but have my doubts.

My sweet peppers were an early success but to avoid the nematodes I had to grow them in a pot. Maybe I might ytry some capsicums again but they too are very prone to nematode attack despite a garden full of marigolds. It just so nice to get your hands dirty for a couple of hours before breakfast. Not sure what any of this has to do with my art stuff apart from sharing great chunks of my time with it but I have blogged about my vege patch before. I think the green peppers could inspire a zine or book, who knows.


Kim Henkel said...

How wonderful to dig in the dirt and grow your own vegetables - I hope the rain arrived, and yes I think those peppers are a delight ready to inspire some creative works.

Jack Oudyn said...

Some rain has arrived Kim, and is giving me renewed hope for a full rain water tank soon and more summer activity in the patch.