Sunday, November 29, 2015

"portable" notes to Finland

front cover

Just recently I sent a little book I made while travelling in Vietnam, off to a special friend in Finland. We have never met but have sent each other little books for a while and I think I have got to know her a little through her books. Her art is so different and spontaneous, it gives me a buzz and encourages me to loosen up more.
This little book I have just sent  Carina Granlund is a little pocket size book, a little smaller than A5, into which I draw every night in the hotel while I am away . I let the new exciting experiences influence me to explore different possibilities and sometimes add ephemera like tickets or scraps of text and labels as concrete evidence of making contact with different asspects of the new culture.
When I get home I work back into some of these but also use the "Notes" as memory starters to start additional drawings to document my trip for me, I don't think they would be of much use to anyone else apart from their curiosity value. 

I hope Carina enjoys the book and as usual look forward in anticipation for what she might send me.

the whole cover opened up

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